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Kennel Blue Bay's idea is not to fill the world with griffons. We've bred griffons since 2002. We have litters two- three times a year. We're expecting next litters to be born on autumn 2012.

The base of our breeding is a corgeous male Zazou Zolenne Zornione, bred by Sirpa Hannonen. Our foundation bitch is BeannactaĆ­ Exclusive Erin, bred by Julie Glaaser-Maher, Holland. We have had a nice co-operation between Julie and us mainly because we both like to get the best possible dogs for breeding and not to use heavely used stud dogs. Our breed needs to have a wide gene pole.

Breed standard is the basic in breeding. There are no perfect griffons in the world but you can get close to it, and that must be ones goal.
In breeding we try to think about the overall picture of the dog, not just some little details. We could ask: What if the specimen has excellent patella and nice temperament but otherwise you can't recognize the breed?

Dogs we use for breeding purposes must look like a griffon and for us a qualification "GOOD" in dog show is not good enough, if that specimen don't have some other good points to be used in breeding and for the breed.

Temperament is one of the most important things to us. If the dog is overly shy or aggressive, we don't use it for breeding.

There are a lot of illnesses in dogs. We do check first the eyes!! If there is something wrong in eyes, dog is out from breeding. But you never can be sure, because some dogs are just carriers and that makes the breeding even more challenging. Recessive illnesses can appear after generations and not showing that in it's phenotype.

We hope that you enjoy the visit to our website and please don't hesitate to ask more information by email.